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biserici din Năsăud

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Biserici din Năsăud (RO) - Churches in Năsăud (EN)
  • The anthropogenic potential of Năsăud town is mainly given by the more than 15 churches of various denominations that can be found all over the town and also in the two belonging neighborhoods.
  • The most interesting one, from touristic point of view, is the imposing "St. Nicholas" Orthodox Cathedral situated in the center of the town, whose foundation stone was laid on July Churches 12th, 1880, whose construction lasted for five years. The cathedral has an interesting history, at its origins being a Greek-Catholic church. It was only in 1948 that the cathedral was declared as belonging to Orthodox religion. The cathedral has unique architecture elements and paintings for Transylvania region, and also the Swiss mechanism of the clock tower is a curiosity for those who dare to climb the numerous stairs.
  • In the town, visitors can admire two more churches centuries old, one of them is the Roman-Catholic church dating from 1764, church that has been visited by the Emperor Joseph II on 23rd of June 1773.
  • Another church with an enviable history is the Reformed Church dating from 1883. This church hosts valuable items such as "Tin cup for baptism" (1703), "Jug for wine" (1707), "Grail" (1738), "the Bible from Oradea" (Váradi Bible) - 1660.
Catedrala Ortodoxa Nasaud (RO) - The Orthodox Cathedral in Nasaud (EN)The Orthodox Cathedral
Biserica Romano-Catolica (RO) - The Roman-Catholic Church (EN)The Roman-Catholic Church
Biserica Reformata (RO) - Reformed Church (EN)Reformed Church
  • The other Greek-Catholic, Pentecostal, Orthodox or Evangelical congregation churches represent the ecumenical heritage of the town, showing visitors a diversity of architectural styles with amazing indoor paintings and church choirs that can be heard during holidays services or special occasions.
Parohia Greco-Catolica (RO) - The Greek-Catholic Parish (EN)The Greek-Catholic Parish
Biserica Penticostala (RO) - Pentecostal Church (EN)Pentecostal Church
Parohia Ortodoxa Nasaud III (RO) - Orthodox Parish Nasaud III (EN)Orthodox Parish Năsăud III
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