Biserica Torceşti

Biserica Torceşti (RO) - Torceşti Church (EN)
  • Church location: Torceşti, Umbrărești commune, Galați county.
  • The story of The Church of the Presentation of the Mother of God is quite interesting. In 1905, floods occurred in the area, and afterwards the boyar of the Torceşti domain, Paul Balş, together with the elders of the village, sought a place for a new church. They let go of a float on the water, and the cork stopped at the highest place in the village.
  • The church was built in 1907. It was painted by the painter Vasile Robea. The first priest was Gheorghe Rarinca, buried near the Holy Altar. The church is very close to the former monastery of Gura Bârloviţei (Bârloviţa), mentioned on July 15, 1448.

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Torceşti ChurchTorceşti Church, Umbrărești commune, Galați county, Romania
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