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Biserica Sfântul Gheorghe Botoșani

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Biserica Sfântul Gheorghe (RO) – Saint George Church (EN)
  • The founder of this church is clearly speaking of the Slavonic inscription above the entrance to the church: "Elena, the daughter of Despot, the late lady of Petru Voevod, built this patron saint in the name of St. George the Great in the Botoșani Fair in the days of Io Stefan Voevod it was done in 7049 (1541), October. "The year is wrong in the writing, it is 7059 (1551).
  • It was built according to the model of the church of Stephen the Great "Popăuţi", in the form of a cross with a turret in the middle and an entrance on the northern side.It is a small construction, without many decorative elements and without paintings.It is a Moldavian type construction, followed, with slight differences, to the line of old city worship places, the interior decoration was simple, without paintings on the walls, and on the floor was paved with stone slabs that have remained until today.
  • The first bell tower was built of wood at the gate of the church. Over time, the church has undergone some transformation as a result of the repairs that have been made to it, being often tried by fires and earthquakes.
  • St. George's Church is a triconic plan, built of stone and brick; carved stone was used only at the corners of the building, at windows and countertops.
  • The Holy Great Martyr George is declared patron and standeth of the city of Botoșani.
  • St. George's Church is linked to one of the old seals of the city, the seal bearing the symbol "Saint George riding on a horse killing the dragon with a spear" on an act from 1780 and bearing the inscription: "The seals of the Botoșani fair at Sf. Gheorghe, 1780".
Biserica Sfântul Gheorghe Botoșani - Saint George Church in BotoșaniSaint George Church in Botoșani, Botoșani county, Romania
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