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Biserica Armeană Sfânta Maria Botoșani

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Biserica Armeană Sfânta Maria (RO) - Saint Mary Armenian Church (EN)
  • The Armenian Church "Saint Mary" was rebuilt on the foundations of the oldest Armenian church in Europe, built around 1350.
  • The church also houses a small museum with ancient ecclesiastical objects: oil icons on two centuries old cloth, silver objects, gold and precious stones, garments and covers sewn with gold and silver threads, unique.
  • In the altar of the Armenian church "Saint Mary" was the first book known and preserved in Botoşani, "The Armenian Gospel", copied in 1354 at Caffa researched by Nicolae Iorga in 1928 and now in Bucharest.
  • Even today, in the Armenian parish of Botoşani, there are 49 other ancient books from 1700-1900, 18th-19th centuries, all in Armenian.
  • Near the church there is also the first Christian cemetery discovered in Botoşani, with tombs from the 15th century and with tombstones with Armenian inscriptions not yet deciphered and from 1617 to 1719 already translated. In the confessional cemetery there are graves covered with tombstone marble tiles, brought from Constantinople, from the 18th and 19th centuries.
  • Over time, it has undergone many changes: in 1526 it was restored (after the inscription from the entrance), in 1551 it was rebuilt after a partial demolition by the ruler Ştefaniţa Rareş, in 1775 the porch was added, which later became the church's narthex , in 1776 the bell tower was added, and in 1826 a complete restoration was made.
Biserica Armeană Sfanta Maria Botoșani - Saint Mary Armenian Church in BotoșaniSaint Mary Armenian Church in Botoșani, Botoșani county, Romania
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